Two server Ruby on Rails clusters
Dual High End Rails Cluster
  1. Two combined App/DB servers

    Distribute your application across two servers. In this way you increase the performance of your Rails application and make it more failsafe.

    Excellent performance and more failsafe due to high redundancy.

  2. Support and management inclusive

    The servers will be configured according to your requirements and prepared to run your application. All adaptations to the servers is performed on your behalf in the ongoing development.

    You develop, we operate your application.

  3. Scalability

    The Rails Cluster can be extended at any time with additional servers. In this way your application can grow.

    Scale up or down as required.

  4. Redundanter storage

    Fast and failsafe. You application deposits files in storage and thus makes them available in the entire cluster.

    Rapid and highly available file storage

  5. Redundant load balancer (LB)

    If an LB goes down, it is immediately replaced by the failover LB.

    Your application is always available.

Increase the productivity of your developers and outsource hosting of your Ruby on Rails application to the experts. Because only the long-term experience and the resulting productivity can ensure truly cost-efficient management of an application with the best possible service quality.

The two server system is an excellent way to enter the area of high availability Ruby on Rails clusters. The highly redundant system components mean that component outages are compensated for by a rapid failover. You service is more robust with higher availability.

At last we can now concentrate on our product again. The morale of the team is higher and productivity is boosted. — Angelo Maron, Tolingo.