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About Enterprise-Rails

Ruby on Rails Hosting

Enterprise-Rails means Ruby on Rails Hosting for demanding clients.

Several factors are involved in ensuring smooth operation of applications critical to business.

  • An experienced team of Ruby on Rails Hosting staff
  • High quality hardware
  • A high quality data center
  • Monitoring infrastructure
  • Backup and recovery concepts
  • Risk and crisis management procedures

If operations on weekends, public holidays and at night are required then several system administrators will be needed.  The infrastructure needed to create backups and monitor major system components would also have to be installed.

All this is too expensive for small enterprises and usually uneconomical for larger ones.

Companies should concentrate on their core skills. Placing software operations in the experienced hands of Enterprise-Rails makes exactly that possible.

Our high standard of organization and the many years of experience our staff have give you very high overall service quality combined with gratifyingly low operating costs.

The Enterprise-Rails team

Our staff consists of experienced system administrators who know Ruby Rails applications inside out.

A Key Account manager ensures your business and technical needs are met.

Enterprise-Rails staff have access to the expertise of Avarteq Ruby on Rails developers as they are members of the same group.

anynines GmbH with its 30 staff, healthy equity situation, membership of the same group as the excellent Key-Systems GmbH and good key performance indicators is a reliable partner where your applications and their operation are concerned.


Not everyone really needs hardware or cloud computing.  Our
independence from technical platforms guarantees you consulting services customized to your needs. Personalized Ruby on Rails

If you got a hammer everything you see is a nail.

— Abraham Maslow