Cloud hosting at a fixed price
Cloud Hosting
  1. Amazon web services

    Based on the established Amazon services, your application is made available in the cloud.

    Your start-up in the cloud.

  2. Autoscaling

    Be equipped for big visitor peaks. Even if there is an unexpected burst of linking of very popular news pages or TV reports, you can relax in the knowledge you are well prepared. Your application remains available because additional application servers kick in.

    More visitors, more servers. Your application is always available.

  3. Autohealing

    Crashed server installations are automatically restored. Faults in your application are thus automatically cleared.

    High availability thanks to self-healing hosting.

  4. Zero configuration

    The configuration and setup of cloud services is completely taken off your hands. Experienced Ruby on Rails supporters can quickly deal with the automation tasks generated.

    Get configured.

  5. Effortless deployment

    Once set up, further application deployments can be effortlessly implemented for you. We help you to create your Capistrano recipes.

    Deployment at the touch of a button.

Financial Denial of Service (FDoS) is what happens when there is a visitor peak, your system scales up and generates enormously high costs. Accordingly a well-considered configuration of the scale-out performance is essential. We jointly adjust your hosting so that, on the one hand, you can deal with your peak loads and, on the other, can stay within a fixed monthly budget.

In addition to the professional hosting of your Ruby on Rails application, our well versed team of experts is available to help you if required in the design, development and support of your Ruby on Rails application. — Julian Fischer, CEO, anynines GmbH